2023 “Puppe” Tour 

Ludwigsburg Castle - cherubins

The “Puppe Tour” starts in Paris on May 11 and ends in Basel on May 21, 2023.
What about starting your Tour by a visit at the newly opened Chérubins-Paris antiques gallery to discover a great variety of doll and children related treasures?
You will then discover Versailles and its legendary chateau.
An antique doll auction is also scheduled in Chartres, followed by the Chérubins Doll Show during the weekend of May 13 and 14.
Off we will then leave by private bus to Mulhouse, where we will unveil a charming French private collection, mostly focused on Fashion Poupées and their environment. Our host will offer our group a special private buying opportunity.
The Wurzburg castle will be an historical stop on our way to Coburg, where we will attend the well-known Puppenfestival. While in Thuringia, we will visit several doll and toy related museums, attend a street fair that is especially devoted to antique toys in Neustadt bei Coburg. We will also shop a variety of antique toy shops and attend the traditional Doll Show at the Frankenhalle.
After the Puppenfestival, we will discover the legendary toy museum in Nurnberg, enjoy the picturesque city of Heidelberg and finally head to Basel, where we will visit the gigantic Spielzeug Welten Museum and the very unique Kirshgarten Museum, where amazing antique dolls, soft animals and all sorts of toys are on permanent display.
A very traditional Italian gala dinner will end our Tour.

2023 “Puppe” Tour schedule

Day 1: Thursday May 11th 2023

Meet Samy and Vanessa at Galerie Chérubins when you arrive from the airport.

Lunch on your own in the Latin quarter

4pm: Departure by bus to Chartres

Check in at the hotel

7pm: Dinner

Night in Chartres

Day 2: Friday May 12th 2023

8.30 am Departure by bus to Versailles

10am/noon: Visit of Versailles Castle

Noon: Lunch in Versailles

2pm: Departure by bus to Chartres

3pm-5pm: Auction preview

Free time

Dinner in Chartres on your own

10pm: Chartres en Lumières light show and Cathedral night visit

Day 3: Saturday May 13th 2023

10am: Chartres dolls auction

Lunch on your own

6pm-8pm: very VIP entrance at the Chérubins Doll Show

8.30pm: Dinner

Night in Chartres

Day 4: Sunday May 14 th 2023

8am-4pm: Chérubins Doll Show

Lunch on your own

Free time

Dinner in Chartres

Night in Chartres

Day 5: Monday May 15th 2023

8am: Departure by bus to Mulhouse

Lunch on your own

Visit of a private collection


Night in Mulhouse

Day 6: Tuesday May 16th 2023

8am: Departure by bus to Würzburg

1pm: Lunch on your own

2pm: Visit of the Würzburg castle

3.30 pm Departure by bus to Neustadt bei Coburg

6pm: Dinner

7.45pm: Departure by Bus to the Hotel

Day 7: Wednesday May 17th 2023

10.30 am: Departure by bus to Sonneberg

11.00 am/12.30pm: Antique shopping at Zitzmann

12.30 pm: departure by bus to Haida: shopping + lunch on your own

2.15pm: Departure by bus to Sonneberg museum

4 pm: Departure by bus to Coburg town center and free time

6 pm: Dinner

8 pm: Departure by bus to the Hotel

Day 8: Thursday May 18th 2023

6 am: Departure by bus to the street fair in Neustadt bei Coburg (town center)
Lunch on your own
1 pm: Departure by bus to the Hotel
1.30 pm/3.30 pm : Nap time

3.30/5pm: conference and show and tell
5.15 pm: Departure by bus to Coburg Downtown
5.30 pm: Dinner
7.30 pm: Departure by bus to the Hotel

Day 9: Friday May 19th 2023

9.30 am: Departure by bus to the Frankenhalle in Neustadt bei Coburg
10.00 am/2.00 pm: doll fair in the Frankenhalle and lunch on your own
2.00 pm: Departure by bus to the Museum der Deutschen Spielzeugindustrie
2.00/3.00 pm: Visit of the Museum der Deutschen Spielzeugindustrie

3.30pm: Departure by bus to Nuremberg

Dinner and night in Nuremberg

Day 10: Saturday May 20th 2023

10.00 am /Noon Visit of the Nuremberg toy Museum

Noon/1pm: Lunch on your own

1pm: Departure by bus to Heidelberg

5pm/7pm:Free time

7pm: Dinner

Night in Heidelberg

Day 11: Sunday May 21st 2023

8.30am: Departure by bus St Louis
11.30 am: Drop your luggage off at the hotel
Noon: Departure by tram to Spielzeug Welten Museum
Lunch on your own and visit of the Spielzeug Welten Museum
Free time or visit of the Kirschgarten museum
7 pm: Farewell Dinner
9 pm: Departure by tram to the hotel

  1. Paris
  2. Chartres 
  3. Mulhouse
  4. Würzburg
  5. Sonneberg
  6. Neustadt bei Coburg
  7. Nuremberg
  8. Heidelberg
  9. Donauwörth
  10. Basel


May 11th, 2023 – May 21st, 2023

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