The "Galerie Chérubins Paris"

The “Galerie Chérubins Paris” is proud to open its doors at 8, rue de l’Odéon 75006 Paris.
Fans of collectibles with a childlike image can visit us from Tuesday to Saturday from 2pm to 7pm.


Discover our offer of antique and vintage dolls, accessories and other textiles, collectibles with children’s images, paintings and other illustrations from the past.

Chérubins also offers you its editions of children’s books and illustrations.

We guarantee you will fall in love !


Chérubins offers thematic Tours to a clientele that collects antique dolls and other objects with a childlike image.


Chérubins organizes its international show in Paris and is present at various international shows throughout the year.


Chérubins offers expertise, conferences or exhibitions.


Chérubins organizes thematic trips for a collecting public, which has its own way of traveling.

In order to satisfy their curiosity and expectations, our team elaborates adapted itineraries.

Our tours combine educational, cultural and gastronomic dimensions with opportunities to enrich our clients’ collections.


Chérubins Toy Show is a event that takes place in Paris once a year. It attracts professionals and collectors from all over the world around the theme of antique dollsand toys and collectibles with a childlike image.

Cherubins also participates in other specialized shows and conventions around the world, offering its treasures to an informed customers.


  • Chérubins Toy Show Paris
  • Chérubins on the move

The Cherubins gallery in Paris

If you are a Parisian or a visitor, come and discover our gallery in the heart of the Latin Quarter.

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