Bilingual book Boules de poils, le Meilleur de la peluche française 1876-2006


Dimensions : 21cm X 29,7cm
80 pages
Bilingue : French/English
by Samy Odin- Musée de la Poupée Editions
Numerous colored pictures

This catalog offers a synthesis of research carried out in recent years by individuals and amateur clubs, integrated with documents that the museum team has been able to glean over time on the historical plush houses in France. This publication also allows us to take stock of French industrial production today, a sector that is trying to adapt to the laws of globalization, while claiming its French identity. Finally, the following pages aim at highlighting the exceptional work of current French creators, whose works are essentially addressed to the informed adult public, which recognizes in the artist’s plush an undeniable art form. Whether you are a collector of antique stuffed animals, interested in the work of contemporary plush artists, or simply fascinated by these “fur balls” that have been with you since childhood, this book is likely to give you a good time.

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