Classic Eden Bebe by Fleischmann & Bloedel in size 4/0


Brand : Fleischmann & Bloedel
Year : end of 19th century
Size : 11 1/2″

This doll looks like Bleuette’s older cousin. They share the same face mold but in different sizes: 4/0 for this one and 6/0 for Bleuette.

This sweet doll comes with an intact poured bisque head marked 4/0, open mouth with four upper teeth, stationary blue enamel eyes, replacement human hair wig, original fully articulated body of the type made by F&B towards the very end of the 19th century. Homemade garment, commercial white leather shoes, frilly bonnet trimmed with lace and ivory ribbon. 29 cm (11 1/2 inches)

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