Cute Bleuette doll UNIS FRANCE mold 301 1 1/4 in GL “En visite” dress 1939/40


Brand : SFBJ
Year : 1946
Size : 11 1/2″

Condition: perfect bisque head marked  UNIS FRANCE 301 1 1/4, original jointed body not in perfect condition, with painting wears on her legs. She has a “2” on her back and “1” engraved under her feet.

Eyes: sleeping blue glass eyes, majority of her eyelashes

Wig: factory original brunette human hair wig and cardboard pate.

Clothing: GL “En visite” dress (missing hat), home made coat copied from GL “En Trottinant” 1951, GL Valisère underwear. She has original GL white socks and white leather shoes.

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